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What ARE Truth, Beauty, and Goodness...

(and HOW do I find them in Books?!)

We love the words truth, goodness, and beauty...but if someone asked us to explain what these are, maybe we'd be flummoxed? In this episode, I put flesh into these concepts: If we are looking for truthful books, good books, beautiful books, what are we looking for? (Can they only be found in the classics? Can they only be found in books specifically about God?) What ARE we looking for? And HOW do we talk about it?

You know that I've been podcasting to help you see truth, identify beauty, and recognize goodness in children's books. That's why we're both here. But, in this latest episode, I've tried to put all my thinking in one place. In this podcast, I give you concrete examples of these concepts (the transcendentals) from books we know. After I walk you through my own "book discernment process," I dispel two common myths that may be holding you back from from being responsible literary guardians. I'm telling you...if you've met Beauty, Truth, and Goodness cannot be confused, we cannot be afraid. This is all much easier than you might think.

To make your discernment even easier, I am sending you all my discernment questions, all in one place.

Please enjoy the free, printable resource I created for you!

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